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The DPM Mechanical Recoil System in combination with a Sharp Carbide Tip is unsurpassed in its mating of components with form, fit, and function. This particular unit reduces the recoil and the same time is an effective tool for car glass breakage without changing the envelope size of the weapon and offers all the following advantages:

Extreme Tactical Use
Slide & frame protection
Significant recoil reduction
Better double-tap concentration
Better control and greater accuracy
Your Glass Breaker is Always Ready for Action
Easy to install & No modification is required
Professional Effectiveness

Recoil Rod: Machined from TI-6AL-4V.
Bushing: TI-6AL-4V with black micro arc oxidation.
Springs: Hi Carbon Wire with Cadmium Coating.
Carbide Tip: Grade K-10 Special for Impact.

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Available Models:

  • GLOCK GEN 4 17-22-31-37-34-35 Car Glass Breaker
  • GLOCK GEN 4 19-23-25-32 Car Glass Breaker
  • GLOCK GEN 4 20-21 Car Glass Breaker



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