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DPM - STI 2011 You Asked! We Responded!

Nine (9) Different Power Rate Compinations!!!
The Worlds Only Progressive Triple Spring Recoil
Reduction System For STI 2011, Now With User ADJUSTABILITY!!!
Featuring Additional Advanced Multi Spring Washer BUFFERING System !!!

The innovative DPM Mechanical Recoil System utilizes a three spring approach which is unsurpassed in its mating of components with form, fit, and function. The third spring, which is contained within the guide rod, controls the movement of the slide so contact between the slide and frame is drastically reduced or eliminated completely.

The guide rod also incorporates a Spring Washer Buffering System that is functionally independent from conventional style recoil rod springs. The compressed force of the Spring Washer Buffering System is 35 pounds allowing any remaining kinetic energy to be absorbed from the slide thus offering full protection between the slide and frame of the pistol.


Nine (9) Different Power Rate Combinations. Significant Recoil Reduction.
Better Control and Greater Accuracy. Slide Protection. Frame protection.
Elimination of Jams. Better Double-Tap Concentration. Improved Firing Speed.
Faster Follow Up Shots. No Modification is Required.

The DPM Recoil King System will fit STI model pistols that incorporate the same round end attachment point of the recoil rod (same as the Recoil Master) that fits into the locking lug on the barrel.

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Available Models:

  • 2011 STI SVI SPS 5" -Bull Barrel (9mm)
  • 2011 STI SVI SPS 5" Bull Barrel (40s&w)


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