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Article in "REKYYLI" 2006/6 (Finland)

Article written by Mr. Tero Kuitunen in the gun magazine "REKYYLI", Copy 2006/6 (Finland) www.rekyyli.com


The setting of guns is a usual process between the professional shooters. Many times excessive pecuniary sums are spent concerning the profit that they offer and many times in deed the available accessories are not useful. Of course there are also usefully accessories, but there should be the right choice for our own needs.

Not to be given at the rival any advantage without any reason, the setting of gun is very often absolutely necessary. Since all the users do not have the faculty or the disposal to adapt their gun, the company Ef-Security Oy from Seindjoki Finland offers a kit that is named "Pohojalaanen Klokki", and thus the Austrian marvel includes all the essential equipment.

The Pohjojaalanen is constituted of the regular pistol Glock 17 and also from accessories of setting of different constructors and the company Ef-Security is always ready to adapt solutions according to the wish of customer. Below, we refer to the basic merits of Pohojalaanen.

The foresights are produced of the company Heinie Specialty Production and have been manufactured by processed steel. The foresight of the tested gun is black, but there is also available foresight of tritium Tritium dot. At the side view the foresights are high resulting, the optical field is free. The basic raison d'etre of the back foresight is the wish of constructor to offer to the users in the American market, a foresight with which the defective displacement

is achieved easily by the hand. This process overloads foresight and for that reason its placement is secured with screw of type ALLEN. In the surface the foresights have been undergone treatment for the reduction of reflection.

The system of recoil's reduction of DPM Systems Technologies Ltd. is constituted of Mechanical and Magnetomechanical part and has been already presented in our magazine Rekyyli some time ago. Then, it was presented as functional system and as system that requires experience. In the Pohojalaanen has been placed only the mechanic system, rather because the Magnetomechanical system should grow the size of gun so much, that is would not fit almost in no holster.

The shot has been improved by far placing in the gun Ghost Incin Rocket Connector, with which the reaction of shot is 3,5 lbr. that is to say 1,59 Klgr. The connectors should be placed depending on the gun that is used and should be regulated rightly so as to be decreased the reaction of next shot. The shot reminds improved and big length Glock, that is to say it is faster and softer if we can talk about gentleness in the case of Glock. The bigger differences with the basic part are the clapper for the trigger's control and the fillister of fragments and their role is the operation of gun even if it is very dirty. The company Chost Inc. manufactures also other connectors but for different aims, but the Rocket is addressed to sports and self-defence guns.

As we all know the grip of Glock, glides, and for that reason a decal-Film of grip has been stuck. It is not common film of grip, but surface of grip, which has been drawn, according to needs of each gun and which is placed by the same way. Because, the film of gun-grip is fat enough, this has as result that the grip is fatter and angular. The angles improve the sense of target's stability, because then you feel more easily the way that you hold the guns in your hands. The grip is very good, without the surface of grip-film being like sandpaper, but it is hard and rough, synthetic caoutchouc. The constructor has also available the sandpaper film.

The JP Enterprises Inc button of magazine's release is a good accessory, which helps particularly the shooters with short fingers. The plunger is made of rough and hard caoutchouc and it is secured with an allen screw. Besides the fact that it is taller, it brings the plunger little closer, the release of button is easier and is also achieved without it need to move the handhold of hand on the gun.

Also the Pohojalaanen mag well that is to say "the enlargement of the hole of orifice where enters the magazine" is a product of JP Enterprice. The material is steel 6061 which has been processed with the method of CNC and the colour of its surface is black. The placement does not require any changes in the frame of the gun and the fact that it is made of steel does not change the gun's centre of gravity.

The bottom of the magazine, made by Arredondo Accessories'in, increases the magazine's capacity for the Glock 9X19 at four more bullets and respectively for the 40 S&W at three more bullets. With the extension is delivered also a spring Wolf -10% for the magazine's operation. Nor the importer himself has achieved while this article is being written, only 20 bullets in the magazine, but it was realised, that the magazine accommodates easily the bullets. The particular elements that are placed on the magazine's bottom belong in category IPSC Standard. The tall foresights can cause some problems.

To can comprehend the meaning of all them, we tested the gun. Because, it is a Glock pistol with regularly characteristics of accuracy, there was no reason to make tests of accuracy. On the contrary, with the Rekyyli were shot many shots and have been used as targets, boards of training rooms. The count of points was based on how much shots we succeed to shoot in one second with three shots from the distance of 10 metres. The guns of comparison were Glock 17 and Glock 19 Pro, which are favourites of tester. The result of shooting test was a surprise. Or if we think better, rather they were not.

Examining only the speed of shooting, it can be observed, that the total differs at some way from the basic guns. Because, the time interval that exists from the first shot up to the last is 0,45-0,5 seconds longer the performance is slower than the other guns. The reason is that the foresights are taller and the shooter needs longer period of adjustment to get used of it. Other probable reason is that the system of recoil's control alters the behaviour of gun and complicates the user that is used to use a simple Glock and it has not been told to him about the modification before the test.

The regulated gun took the last place in the comparison of grades with 17,7 grades per second, concerning the G17, that took 19,1 grades per second and G19 Pron with 20,6 grades per second. If we do not calculate the time and examine only the grades, all the guns and their records brought almost the same results, 45-52 degrees and in this case did not exist any difference in the guns.

With base the result of the test, it would be easy to draw immediately our conclusion and to say that the Pohojalaanen Klokki does not function. But, this conclusion would be wrong, because the result shows, that with the regulation has been achieved real change in the gun. Of course during the test that is short the relation of lasting practice and training with the basic model can not be broken. The opinion of the shooter who made the test is very positive and the regulation did not take any negative comments. Very good comments took the non-skid film and plunger of slide's release and the shots were qualified successful. The shooter's final evaluation is that after getting used in the modified gun will be possible to achieve good results in the firing speed as well. The bigger difficulty for the shooter was to adjust in the higher shooting line. The user that has got used in regular magazine's opening feels that the plunger may come out from the gun.

During the test of this feature we realised, the unique constructional disadvantage of the kit. The extended accessory that is placed at the bottom side of the magazine is large and the constructor advertises it as an accessory that it is almost impossible to spoil, but during the test, the first unit spoiled at the fifth effort on the cementitious surface. At that moment there were four bullets in the plunger.

Even a simple accessory at the bottom side of the magazine can bear such type of falls almost without limits, and for that reason the second accessory had during the test harder treatment. The element that it spoiled should be defective, or there was a constructional problem or there was fault on material, because the second accessory bore falls without any damage.

The Pohojaalanen Klokki is addressed to users that intend to buy a new gun and know from the beginning that they are going to set it later with additional accessories. The selected parts of the kit are functional and there are not observed any problems nor in the quality and thus you are not to have the fear, that you loose your money. Also such a rich kit should not replace the training. Even in this case the profit of setting is achieved with a pile of hard work.

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