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Article in "REKYYLI" 2006/2 (Finland)

Article written by Mr. Tero Kuitunen in the gun magazine "REKYYLI", Copy 2006/2 (Finland) www.rekyyli.com
Transformation of GLOCK

The market is full from accessories that help the implementation of shooting. A big part from this equipment is not useful and their aim is the income of consumers' money from the constructors. Some accessories have the possibility to improve the performance and at the same time they offer better accuracy. Some of the most popular accessories are for the Glock pistols. The accessories that are reported below have been drawn specifically for these pistols.

Laser Grips made by the American company Grimson Trace are precisely what says their name. A foresight laser is placed in the grip of gun. Four different categories are manufactured for the Glock pistols and LG 617 fits in models 17, 17L, 22, 24, 31, 34, 35 and 37. The foresight is also available for a lot of other models of pistols, as S&W-Revolver and AR15 rifle.

The Laser Grips is placed in the gun with the help of a pin and its placement requires only a few minutes. During the placement must be followed the instructions of the constructor, because the longer pin that is included in the kit must be placed correctly in the right direction. The constructor has added in the kit a tool that facilitates the placement.

The switch of energy is placed in the back place of gun and it functions with the catch of the handhold of switch which is pressed and it turns on. In actual fact the foresight is always turned on, even if the handhold is caught with mild strength.

There is an important reason for particular attention at the phase of placement and the aim is to align rightly the foresight which according to constructor is regulated in the 50 metres. In smaller distances the foresight shows to the right side of the shooting point, because the unit laser is placed in the right side of gun. If the user wants to set right the foresight he can achieve it with the help of small screw of type ALLEN that is found in the two units of laser. For that reason in the package there is a key ALLEN of thickness of 0,7mm. In actual fact the Laser Grips functions as it is expected: the light is luminous and shines clearly and well against open coloured surfaces and well enough in dark conditions. In conditions of daylight and with dark surface the visibility is enough limited. In tactical use the laser foresight has only an aim, to be used under safe cover. The user that is found under the cover, targets at the sidelong of the cover in the central point of gun's shot.

In private use in shooting the foresight laser gives big advantage to the barrel's alignment, and especially if the shooter has problems with his eyesight. The laser shows very well the errors that remain out of the barrel's alignment and thus the correction is easier. In private use, the use of laser foresight has big value.

The Laser Grips is the better laser foresight that I have ever used, for many reasons. Its use is very easy and let the rails be free for the other accessories and in parallel allows the use of a simple holster. The only disadvantage is that the ray hits the finger that presses the trigger, while the finger is found over the axis of the trigger when we do not intend to shoot.

The Greek company DMP Systems Technologies LTD., started in 2003. The main products of the company are accessories that are used to reduce the gun's recoil. The system that was tested this time is constituted of mechanical part that is to say of recoil spring with its rod and by the magnetic part, which is adapted on the accessory rails. The mechanical part can be used alone, but the magnetic part requires the parallel use of the mechanical part. The mechanical part is available not only for the Glock pistols but also for the pistols Sig Sauer P226, Walther P99 and CZ 75 SP01, and includes two different recoil springs. The springs of the tested gun have length 100 and 96mm and the thickness of wire is 1,2mm and 1,1mm. With the results of the test, Glock 17 functions also with the two springs, but with the harder and longer spring, the connection of plunger release push-button in the back place was more uncertain. However, the aim of constructor was that with the change of spring the shooter can regulate the recoil as he wants to.

The heart of metal part is a recoil spring in cylinder. The pin is covered externally from the cylinder and in the internal part it is secured, and absorbs the recoil in the exterior part.

Then, the inflexible pin that exists between the departments decreases the movement in the final phase. That is to say, it is almost a usual recoil spring. The magnetic part is very simply a magnet that has been placed in plastic sheath, which when is placed on the accessory rails abuts against the initial point of the slide. Then, the magnet attracts the slide of the gun and causes a very small delay at the moment of the slide's departure. Basically, this decreases the behaviour of gun as regards the recoil. The magnetic part is not manufactured only for the Glock pistols but also for gun CZ 75 D Compact and CZ 75 SP 01.

In actual fact it is easy to realise the effect of that system, because its behaviour differs a lot than usual. Because of the behaviour of Glock (9x19) as regards the recoil the shooter that has got used the his own style and movements he meets in the beginning some difficulties, because the movements that he has already learned and got used, now they differ.

We made tests by shooting in three targets with double shot from the distance of 10 metres. The maintenance of the interval of time between the number A-target and the double shots using the DPM system requires time of implementation roughly 0,3 seconds more. The cause of difficulty for the experienced users of Glock was the new conditions of recoil which come probably from the inflexible spring buffer and in the recoil spring.

Beginners that do not have any experience and experienced users of G17 as well, have advantage from the system. The time for the target fell from 3,5 seconds in 3. Also, a team of experienced users examined the behaviour in rapid fire that is to say in a distance of 5 metres with full magazine towards the target with the biggest speed and with a view to concentrate all the shots in point A. The equipment offer neither big advantage nor big disadvantage. The time of shots was the same with the equipment and without it, with mean 0,22 seconds when the result on the target was the same, that is to say 20-25 centimetres.

According the tests that we made the mechanism of recoil functions. The Glock 17 that was the subject of the test is a pistol with light enough recoil and thus the real advantage will appear much better in heavier guns. Among the shooters, the beginners receive the direct advantage and also the shooters that use inflexible and dynamic technique. In the rest of the users the improvement of results requires adaptability to the new needs and conditions.

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