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Article in "Caliber" (Germany)


Article written by Mr. Jens Tigges in the gun magazine "Caliber" issue of October 2005

Article in the "Caliber" German gun magazine

Elimination of recoil
Something that we were waiting for...

A positive sense if somebody uses recoil rod for guns. One of the most advanced types was developed in a Greek company which is named DPM Systems Technologies.
Except of a stainless steel rod with springs with incorporated system of recoil (buffer system) is also used a strong permanent magnet. The magnet is placed in a plastic casing (base) which is attached on the accessory rails of Glock models. There is a small spring in the base so as it can click on the gun. The magnet decelerates the slide's opening, of course without it prevents his regular operation. In combination with the double springed mechanism the third free spring (it is placed in the rod) makes unlocking softer. This system makes softer and more controllable the locking compared to the conventional spring of Glock 17 which needs 2.700 gr. to unlock the slide. The slide is unlocked with the hard (silver) spring in 3.400gr. and with the softer in 3.190gr. The sense of shooting during our tests was softer and with less bounces compared to the standard Glock 17. Each one who uses either self manufactured ammunitions or factorial ammunitions can use the system without the magnet. There is only a disadvantage on the system. When the base with the magnet is placed on the gun it does not get into the regular holsters except the Sickinger Speed - Machine, Rescomp and Fobus Tactical EM 17.
The Magnetomechanical system costs 99,00 EUR and is available for the following models GLOCK 17/22, 19/23, 25, 31. The Mechanical system costs 55,00 EUR and it is available for the following models GLOCK 17/22, 19/23, 21, 25, 31, 34/35,

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