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Article in "ASE-lehti" (Finland)


Article written by Jussi Peltola in the gun magazine "ASE-lehti" issue of 2/2005

DPM Systems was not at the show, but it was very well shown at the fair. The product is a magneto-mechanical system, which includes a recoil bow packet with spindles, and a front piece that has a strong magnet. The front piece is installed on the hull of the pistol, in front of the bow of the trigger (for example, in a new standard Glock 17 pistol). The magnet makes the recoil softer at the moment of shooting off, with the recoil bow spindles in the roof of buffer bow. The target is to make it easier to control recoil. Traditional solutions are different kinds of compensators that have been trying inside the recoil bow.

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