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Article in "DWJ" (Germany)


Article written by Mr. Wolfgang Kraualich in "Das Deutsche Waffen-Journal" (German Weapons Journal) issue of August 2005

Shock absorber

Apart from the fact that the recoil can be unpleasant, it makes the target acquisition more difficult with fast rates of fire. Therefore technical designers and inventors work since more on systems, which reduce the recoil objectively or at least subjectively. On the IWA presented a Greek policeman his system.

It is the physical principle of the momentum conservation, which it ensures that we feel recoil when shooting. Action equal Reaction it is often simplified explained. The impulse, which will transfer to the projectile as well as the gases accelerated forward, is transferred also to the weapon and over these to the Shooter.

Means of the choice. Possibilities for the genuine decrease of the recoil are muzzle brakes. By the partial detour of propulsion gases to the rear total impulse the affecting the weapon is actually measurably reduced. Disadvantages are intensified muzzle lightning and - bang as well as a contactor endangerment by the gases and particles diverted to the rear.

A further possibility is the increase of the weapon weight. The impulse remains the same, the mass inertia of the weapon provides however for a slower, longer return of the weapon. This becomes subjective from protecting as more pleasantly, the recoil therefore as if moderate outstandingly. However a high weapon weight is not always desired, above all if the weapon is to be carried.

Absorption systems take advantage of the delay effect, which knit the existing impulse on a longer time. Already the self load mechanism of semiautomatic weapons has such an effect: A part of the recoil energy goes transferring into the catch mechanism and from there over to the recoil unit retarded to the pistol and thus to the shooter.

The DPM system
The system developed by the Greek Mantas Dimitrios is two-piece developed. Basis is the proven concept of the spring recoil system with return buffer. Here the carriage is element again braked briefly before its rear point of reversal by a recoil. The hard impact metal on metal is moderated, which stretches the recoil and so subjectively reduced as well as besides the material preserves. With the concept one made so far good experiences. Thus SIG SAUER starts the new x-Five/x-Six of models with such a buffer out.

The DPM system uses durable high-grade steel a leadership bar with telescope employment and steel feather/spring buffer. This is more durable than likewise on the market available rubber buffers. The telescope operatives are to a large extent maintenance-free. However it should be held if possible drying, since too much oil with powder could bake and reinforce the buffer. As the second element a very strong permanent magnet is used. It is put to the assembly rail of newer Glock of models. Attachments such as lamps can be put then to the rail of the magnet buffer. The magnet exercises one quite also with the reload noticeable strength on the carriage front as well as the recoil spring bar. The unblocking procedure is braked thereby particularly on the first few millimetre. In the attempt on the shooting range the reduction of the recoil was clearly noticeable, however the magnet buffer disturbed with the getting star. But even without magnet a milder recoil was to be felt. The developer Dimitrios comes from practice. To its training at the police and three years strip service he changed to the "Special Forces", where he remained ten years long. Meanwhile he is responsible for the shooting training.

Editorships the result:

The DPM system is an effective means for the absorption of the recoil. The effect was subjectively clearly noticeable. According to opinion of the tester the effect goes to one however mainly on the account of the leadership with return buffer, in the building of weapons admitted and worked satisfactorily system. Their employment is recommended without reservation. The mechanical recoil system with permanent magnet strengthens the effect still, is however critical of regarding: Since the continuous maximum stress of the magnet is doubtful during strong firing load and the plug-in prepares getting star with many problems, the second part of the invention seems still improvement worthy. An innovation it is in any case.

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