DPM Systems Technologies Ltd.

Article in "Action Armes & Tir" (France)

Article written by Mr. Philip Couvreur, Owner and Editor of the gun magazine "Action Armes & Tir" issue of May 2005

Subject: DPM: Mechanical and Magnetomechanical Systems

In the lounge of IWA there is the chance to discover new technical applications. These evolutions may be the fruit of research of big companies departments of studies and lonely inventors as well. It is so that Mr. Dimitrios Mantas, Active Police Officer of his country and inventor, has transversed. Out of all the Greek Police Officer's and inventors today DPM Systems has promoted a product which terminates recoil in the weapons system. The system (PATENTED SYSTEM) is made from a few springs, a small base in the front of the weapon and a magnet. The advantage is better control of the pistol, more accuracy in the secondary sight picture, rapid speed (in double tap), or against moving targets. The system also eliminates jam problems and protects the weapon (frame) from damage. Other additions to this system are not necessary it works perfectly.

Soon this product will be available for all model pistols. Thanks you for the sample it works perfectly.



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