DPM Systems Technologies Ltd.

DPM Systems Technologies is proud to announce that is sponsoring the IPSC First Rifle World Championship Russia 2017

Timing: May 25’th - June 11’th 2017
Venue: Multifunctional fire center of the "Patriot" park, Odintsovo, Moscow region, Russia.
Used shooting galleries: 31 galleries with a 300 meters’ distance of shooting; 1 gallery with 1400 meters’ distance of shooting.
Type of firearm: long-barreled rifled firearms (semi-automatic and manual reloading rifles, the caliber 5.45x39 and more)
Number of participants: up to 1000
Number of Match officials, Riffle World Shoot organizers, representatives of the Federation of practical shooting of Russian: up to 300
The number of participating countries: 90

Official Match webpage  http://rws2017.com/


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