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Instructions:DPM 1911 Instructions
For every action there is a reaction. When a primer is hit and a bullet is discharged the energy of the bullet moving forward causes a rearward reaction of energy. Therefore you get recoil in your weapon.
This system is utilizes a magnet incorporated into a plastic base which in cooperation with the mechanic system of multiple springs, control the acceleration and the deceleration of the slide that is caused from the gun's bullet firing.The momentary delay that is caused in the slide, from the presence of the magnet, harnesses the maximization of escape of gases from the barrel's muzzle.

The mechanical system of multiple springs absorbs the remaining kinetic energy in the slide. Consequently the slide is moving back more gently transmitting less kinetic energy to the frame and slide, and reduces recoil for the user.


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Three or more springs of different sizes for specific compression, housed in a metal tube. The mission of the system is the control of the backward motion of the slide at the moment of the bullet's firing. The initial pressure, that the total of the system exhibits, is almost the same with the standards of the factorial springs. But at the final phase of the system's coiling the difference of pressure that is exerted on the slide is in the order of 80% - 100% more. Consequently, the slide never rams against the frame and jams are eliminated.


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1. All metal elements: stainless steel W.-Nr./Grade1.4301(AISI 304)-made in a factory compliant to ISO 90002. All Springs are made of steel of high carbon steel with a cadmium (Cd) finish *3. Magnetic base: hard plastic with glass content of 10%.* The cadmium finish (which adds considerable cost to the manufacturing process) makes the spring impervious to the elements (including salt water).


1. We place the metal ring (only one) in the way that is shown in the above photos (Fig.1 & Fig.2)


2. We place the system but it can not pass trough the ring , so we have to press the back side of the recoil system to lock on the barrel (Fig.3)

3. Finally we move it softly round to help the recoil road pass through the ring (Fig.4)

1. Disassemble the gun.2. Replace the standard spring with the DPM multi springs system (metallic guide), as shown in figure (fig. 1, 2, 3, 4).



3. Ensure that the DPM system is placed in the correct way (fig. 5).

4. Reassemble the gun.

5. Before loading the magazine, arm the slide several times to ensure that the DPM system functions unrestricted.



1. Position the base over the frame guides of the gun and make sure that it has been secured (fig. 6).

2.To remove the base, hook the slide of the gun in open position, press firmly the safety-belt at the back part of it (fig. 7), and at the same time pull ahead the base.



1. Use always the proposed system of the multi springs of DPM for every type and model of gun, in the way that it is described on the packing. The use of the system on an other model of gun may cause damage to the system (metallic guide & base) and possibly to the gun as well.

2. Always keep your gun and the system (metallic guide) clean using the necessary greasing.

3. Do not try to disassemble the system (metallic guide & base) because it will be destroyed.



1. Don't heat the base up to (100 ˚C) temperature.

2. Avoid any contact with the small metallic parts.

3. Clean softly using a cloth.

4. Always use the proposed spares, accessories and springs of DPM.5. Our products do not invalidate the existing guide lines concerning the safe and correct way of use of your gun.
More specifically : DPM Systems Technologies Ltd is not responsible for any damage or injury that may happen due to the incorrect placing or use of its products.


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