DPM Systems Technologies Ltd.


The Mechanical Recoil Rod Reducer System is a direct replacement for the stock recoil rod and does not change the configuration of the gun. This system works due to the multi spring intricate rod (three springs) and controls the functionality of the gun.

The DPM - 1911 Multiple Spring Mechanical Recoil Reduction System is the most significant upgrade for the 1911 pistols in over 100 years even James Browning would be impressed with this.

The Worlds Only Progressive Triple Spring Recoil Reduction System For STI 2011, Now With User ADJUSTABILITY!!! Featuring Additional Advanced Multi Spring Washer BUFFERING System!!!

The Magnetomechanical Recoil Reducer System uses the Mechanical System and the Magnetic base. This system works due to the multi spring intricate rod which in cooperation with the magnetic base locks the slide with doubled power (because of the magnetic attraction) and delays momentary the movement of the slide, achieving the maximization of escape of gases from the barrel's muzzle.

Floorplate of handgun magazines that includes a carbide tip, with the purpose of being placed on the magazine to enable it to be also used as a tool for the breakage of glass panes.

This particular unit reduces the recoil and the same time is an effective tool for car glass breakage.


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